St. Benedict Live Stream of the weekly Mass and other special events
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Allentown Diocese Synod Survey
“The Holy Father wants to know how Catholics experience and express their faith in these challenging times,” Bishop Schlert said. “The goal is to listen to all Catholics, wherever they find themselves in their faith journey or relationship to the Church, so that, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we may discern the best ways of addressing the challenges we face as a world and work together on a path of healing and unity through our Catholic faith.”  Click here for the online survey.

Updated Diocesan Pandemic Guidance
Our Bishop has updated the diocese COVID protocol.  Click here for the details.

Saint Benedict Emergency Operating Plan
After a concerted effort from October 2020, an Emergency Operating Plan has been issued with a supporting Bases Document in response to a recommendation from the Diocese of Allentown.  The Plan is as a result of, in part, interface with local police and fire first responders and from experts on the Parish Safety Committee.  You can find that document here.

EWTN Eternal Word Television Network streams daily, Saturday and Sunday Masses.  Go here for the schedule and links.
Bishop Schlert streams his daily, Saturday and Sunday Masses.  Go here for the links.
Other online Mass options are also listed at here.

Please check the bulletin here for the open hours this week.

Welcome from the Pastor

Welcome to the St. Benedict Parish Family!  Like any other family, we are not perfect, but strive to be present to each other.  Through the many ministries, clubs and organizations, we find strength in community to face life’s challenges together.  Secondly, as a community of faith, we seek to imitate Jesus in service to those in need.

St. Benedict Parish had very humble beginnings in a monastery farm house, with three resident Benedictine monks and about 50 families.  As St. Benedict grew, it would hold dear the memories of its small community.  Today we are over 900 family strong and continue to maintain a close country family atmosphere of caring for each other.

No matter where you come from, what your background is or who you are, you are always welcome here–because you’re family.

Parish Mission

We the Parish of St. Benedict, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and our patron St. Benedict, are a vibrant, worshipping and welcoming community of God. The strength of our people is obtained through joyful celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Our commitment is to promote the Gospel of the Lord through our prayers, with words, and actions with Jesus as our guiding light