Scavenger Hunt

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VIDEOS to watch and share . . . 
E is for Easter – How is the date for Easter determined? This video will explain why moving the date of Easter is IMPOSSIBLE. We all know this, of course, but here is where the date comes from and why it changes ever year. 

H is for Hosanna – NEW! What does the word Hosanna mean from the Palm Sunday song of the people who welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem? Why do we echo these words during the Liturgy of the Eucharist? Watch this video to find out. 

P is for Passiontide – You might notice that the crosses, statues, and religious images inside the churches you see on TV are covered starting today. Or, you might decide to cover your crosses at home during the last two weeks before Easter (we are). Here’s why we do this. 

M is for Maundy ThursdayWe sometimes call Holy Thursday “Maundy” Thursday. The reason is pretty interesting and expresses the key phrase in the Gospel story we will hear this night. (Also, here is a video about “Spy” Wednesday.) 

I is for INRIAs people venerate the cross on Good Friday, they might notice the letters INRI printed on a scroll. This video explains what each letter means.

E is for EasterWhy is Easter called Easter? Want to know where the English word “Easter” comes from? Watch and share this video to find out. 

Celebrating Palm Sunday and Holy Week in the Domestic Church! 
A Journey through Holy Week flipbook

Sight & Sound Theatres
Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster announces the greatest rescue story of all time as JESUS makes its worldwide debut by streaming free over Easter weekend April 10-12.  Click here to watch.