Parish Leadership

Pastoral Council

Non-voting members

  • Father Phil Rodgers – Pastor
  • Valerie Christo – PREP Director
  • Andrew Angstadt – Music Director
  • Ellie Allbright – Parish Outreach
  • Anita Harrison – Secretary
  • Anne Long – Bookkeeper

Voting members

  • Kathleen Minnich
  • Peter Snow
  • Chris Keenan
  • Justin Coppa
  • Kelly Leininger
  • Matt Reagan
  • Brooke French
  • Sylvia Firth

Finance Committee

  • coming soon

Stewardship Committee

  • coming soon

Disability Committee

A small group that advocates for persons with disabilities. They continue to examine and inspect our facility and services to make sure we are friendly place for persons with disabilities.
Contact: Brooke Frech through the parish office at 610-856-1006